How to clean your wool jacket

Once you have purchased a wool jacket you'll know you have acquired a wonderful item that will never go out of style. As long as you properly care for your wool jacket  you will have no problem wearing it years after years. Here are some tips for proper care for your wool jacket. Cleaning is a very important aspect of your wool jacket maintenance.

Wool is known to be ultra-durable but it can easily shrink in warm water. Don't decide on a cleaning method by yourself. Make sure you respect the care instructions on the jacket's label. Different types of wool have different laundering requirements so while some wool jackets can be laundered by machine other can be dry-cleaned only. Avoid any kind of bleaching. Use cold or warm water to remove common stains. Hot dryer or hot water will shrink your wool skirt jacket. Heat and soap will felt your wool jacket. It's recommended however to take your wool jacket to a dry cleaner regularly. Unless it has stains or soils you can hang your jacket outside from time to time to get the smell out and dry-clean it once per season. It's best to avoid frequent cleanings that may lead to premature fiber wear. Wool jackets are not very affordable items so make sure you learn to clean your outerwear properly to avoid any expensive mistake.